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Equality & Diversity Policy

The Equality Act 2010 protects people from discrimination on the grounds of their protected characteristics and UK South Engineers (UKSE) remains committed towards being a diverse and equal opportunities employer of choice and to ensure that every day working life is non-discriminatory and harassment free. Our aim is to achieve this through delivering the UKSE values which are

Doing it Right, Making a Difference and Working Together!

Equality is about creating the same level of opportunity for everyone, whilst recognising that some people face barriers that others do not.

Diversity is about encouraging people to be aware and embrace each other’s attitudes, values and opinions without treating people any differently, without favouritism and by treating different types of people in an equal manner.

UKSE’s Equality and Diversity Guidance will ensure we will fulfil our legal requirements under the public sector equality duty. UKSE will assess its policies, functions and practices against the equality duties of race, disability and gender. All current policies and procedures have been assessed at the first stage of screening and we will continue to assess new policies as they are developed. UKSE will publish these assessment results annually to comply with the Equality Duty.

An assessment will detail the impact of existing or proposed policies, functions and practices in relation to their consequences for minority groups.

Measuring this impact should be part of the routine element of better policy making and all policy must at least meet the minimum level of the initial screening stages, where relevance and impact of the policy on equality is assessed. This is a positive process that should lead to real and practical improvements in relation to policies and practices. It should not be seen either as inherently difficult, or as an activity apart from other policy development and assessment work, but can be integrated into the consultation and assessment processes as long as the specific considerations to Race, Disability and Gender equality are clearly documented.

UKSE will ensure that there are equal opportunities in recruitment and pre-recruitment initiatives, selection, induction, employment contracts, collective agreements with the trade union, performance reviews, training and all other aspects of employment.

UKSE Diversity Monitoring Reports will demonstrate our commitment in striving towards this aim. We report on our workforce profile and examine a collection of diversity data within this report.



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